Perfect Descent Clip In Alert (CIA) Climbing Hold

Auto Belay CIA (Clip In Alert) Climbing Hand Hold A welcome collaboration between Perfect Descent Auto Belays and So Ill Holds, utilizing LED technology to the line with our new CLIP IN hold.

Many indoor climbing gym accidents each year are from experienced climbers not clipping into the autobelay.
This hold is a step in the right direction for added safety for climbing walls utilizing auto belay devices.

The hold’s LEDs blink to remind a climber to CLIP IN. Once the carabiner has been released from the hold the blinking stops. Just a single 120v plug-in power source can run up to 8 holds at once.


Perfect Descent CIA Hold (Clip In Alert) –  $120.00


Optional Extras:

soIll hold power sourcePower source is – $30.00 each (powers up to 8 holds)

10′ Power source extension – $20.00


Watch an auto belay Clip In Alert Hold Demonstration Video Below: