So you’re ready to buy your PD® Auto Belay?

Well, you have some options on how to place your order.

Order through our Online store or give one of our Reps a call.



Still have Questions? Just want to speak to a human?

We realize that there are some folks out there who’d prefer not to order their auto belay device online and would rather speak to a human and process the order over the phone.  We respect that, that’s why we give you some options when placing your order. Contact one of our regional Sales Representatives:


Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, & Great Lakes Area Climbing Gyms

Kurt Smith
Tel: 304-237-4306
Fax: 866-272-7309


Northeast Climbing Gyms

Hans Schneider
Schneider Sales Associates
Tel: 802-598-1905
Fax: 802-985-3768


Climbing Gyms in Other States

Derek Waggoner
OTE Services
Tel:  321-608-8031
Fax: 321-733-2962

Challenge & Adventure Courses

Aerial Adventure Technologies
162 Timberlakes Drive
Todd, NC 28607
Tel: 828-265-0602
Fax: 828-264-0625



Cort McElroy
Oasis Rigging, Inc.
Tel: 416-703-2560
Fax: 416-703-3708

Perfect Descent Auto Belay Dealers

See the map below to find an auto belay device dealer for the Perfect Descent Auto Belay Device.


Interested in becoming a dealer of the Perfect Descent Auto Belay Device?
Then call Aerial Adventure Tech at (828) 265-0602 to inquire about the application and approval process or send us an email inquiry.