About Auto Belays

What is an Auto Belay?

Traditionally in top rope climbing, the climber is attached to a rope that goes through an anchoring system at the top of the wall while another person, ,a.k.a. “the belayer,” is  attached to the other end on the ground using a belay device. The job of the belayer is to take up the slack as the climber ascends, to catch the climber if they fall while climbing, and to lower them safely back down to earth once they have finished their ascent.

An Auto Belay device allows a climber to ascend a climbing wall while eliminating the need to have a person belaying. The Auto Belay lowers the climber at a safe and consistent speed.  An Auto Belay allows more climbers to climb safely on your rock walls with increased profitability & efficiency.

Reduce Belayer Error

Errors by belayers is the greatest risk associated with serious injury while climbing. Training belayers take time and strict adherence to procedure. Perfect Descent auto belays help operators manage belay related risks by removing the human belayer and  reducing the variables that can result in an accident.

Create More Training Opportunity

The Perfect Descent auto belay is the perfect training No need to wait for your partner to be available Grab a quick session on your own schedule.. Circuit training, laps, and timing intervals all available whenever you’re ready.. Perfect Descent is the ideal tool for  training and fitness-minded climbers looking to gain the most from their time on the wall.

Bring in new and one-time climbers without the need for extensive belay training.  Perfect Descent auto belays offer climbers more independence and require less direct staff support.

Official Supplier to IFSC and Olympic Games

Used in speed climbing competitions around the world, Perfect Descent is the exclusive auto belay for IFSC Speed Climbing events. Perfect Descent Speed Drive technology keeps pace with the world’s fastest climbers.. Sport climbing debuted at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Perfect Descent is a proud supporter of the Olympic journey, past sponsor to top climbers such as Sean McColl, Kai Lightner, John Brosler, and Piper Kelly and current sponsor to the IFSC and  climbing competitions around the globe.