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The Perfect Descent Belay Gate is an essential component of your auto belay equipped climbing wall. Updated with new colors, graphics and 30% larger than before. Belay Gates are a vital tool, serving as a visual reminder to attach the carabiner to your harness before climbing to reduce the risk of not connecting to the auto belay. Graphic warnings and instructions are easy to understand in any language.


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  • Durable vinyl coated polyester with nylon connecting loop and adjustable anchoring straps
  • Bottom anchoring straps can be attached by utilizing your walls existing t-nuts, screw in holes or bolt hangers
  • Icons depicting safety checks and warnings recognizable in any language • Warnings in multiple languages.


  • Weight: ≈575gm (20oz)
  • Gate Dimensions: ≈112cm x 122cm (44w x 48h), (excluding top loop and adjustment straps)
  • Gate Material: 580g/m² vinyl coated polyester
  • Loop Webbing Material: 2.5cm (1in) nylon webbing
  • Adjuster Buckles 2.5cm (1in) plastic

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