The Perfect Descent Difference:

Announcing: The PD® SPEED!

The fastest retraction speed of any Auto-Belay on the market.
The PD® Speed Redundant Clutch system retracts the climbers' lanyard at 10 feet per second! Unparalleled Quality and Reliability make this the logical choice for any climbing gym owner wanting to incorporate speed competitions into their gym events.

The Perfect Descent-Speed unit is the only auto belay able to keep up with the climbing speed of your fastest climbers. Combine the PD® Speed with the Twin Dolphin Timing System for a winning speed lane system.

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Portability & Affordability

  • Lightest Auto-Belay: weighs only 29 lbs (13.2 kg)
  • Simple Installation: 2-clip install
  • Easy to Move: accommodate for new routes & competitions
  • Best Value on the Market
  • Field Replaceable Lanyards
  • Increase Users with Less Staff Required

A winning combination for all!