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2016 Speed Climbing World Champions

Congratulations to the 2016 Speed Climbing World Champions

The Women’s Speed Climbing podium was bookended with Russians in the 1st and 3rd spots with the French favorite finishing in 2nd place. Anna Tsyganova claimed the world title with a jaw-dropping time of 7.52 and beat the world record holder, Iuliia Kaplina, and the favorite going into the World Championships, Anouck Jaubert. It was an incredible race for the Speed Climbing champion this year in Paris. Congrats to all in an incredible show of athleticism and sportsmanship.

Watch the Women’s Speed Highlights from the competition here.

In the Men’s Speed Climbing division Marcin Dzienski of Poland took the Gold with a time of 5.83 sec, his fastest time of the competition. Reza Alipourshenazandifar of Iran fell to Marcin with a time of 7.37 and grabbed the Sliver. The Bronze spot was grabbed up by yet another Russian, Aleksandr Shikov.

Watch the Men’s Speed Highlights from the competition here.


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What is an auto belay device?

An auto belay is an automatic belay device that eliminates the need for a human belayer.  The auto belay takes up the slack as a climber ascends and safely controls the descent when the climber lets go or falls. Since auto-belay devices don’t require a human belayer, many people can use a single auto belay station. Similarly, many auto belay stations can be supervised by a single staff person.

Why use an auto belay device?

Auto Belays are a simple and effective way for your facility increase traffic, revenue, and safety while reducing costs and risk.

Above all, Maximize Safety and Minimize Risk: Climbing is full of inheret dangers. One of the largest risks in running a climbing facility are accidents related to human error. Taking the belayer out of the equation minimises the chance of falls related to human error.

Simplify the Entry Process and increase new business:  Auto belays eliminate the need for lengthy belay training and testing, giving your new clients the ability to just clip in and climb. With minimal instruction and no climbing experience, customers can quickly begin climbing and enjoying their visit. Having auto belays can also attract more infrequent climbers since the entry process is simplified. Since minimal instruction is required, this also makes auto belay devices perfect for large parties and groups.

Attract single climbers and walk in business: Since climbers don’t need to rely on having a belay partner to climb, they can visit your facility more often and when their schedule allows. This gives your clients the ability to climb whenever they want without the boundaries of anyone else’s schedule.

Auto belays are a unique training tool: Single climbers will have the ability to train without a belay partner. They can climb up and down continuously giving them a unique and powerful method for endurance training.

More customers with less staff:  You can have more group programming while keeping staff and costs to a minimum. Since multiple auto belay stations can be safely supervised by a single staff member, birthday parties, large groups, and events become more easy to manage.

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