Person working on Perfect Descent Auto Belay

Perfect Descent Service and Recertification

Why Recertify Your Auto Belay?

As a life-critical device, ongoing product certification is an essential requirement for operating Perfect Descent Auto Belays. Recertification starts with the disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of each unit. Tolerances and other wear indicators are measured and components are replaced as necessary. The unit is then reassembled and tested to confirm that it operates within the manufacturer's limits.

The  use and popularity of auto belays in climbing gyms and similar facilities has grown significantly in recent years and standards for their operation continue to evolve.  Improving PPE regulations in the European Union, specifically EN341:2011 Class A, represent the most comprehensive guidance for the operation of recreational auto belays.

Auto belays certified as EN341:2011 Class A require periodic examination by a factory authorized technician every 12 months. This includes Perfect Descent Auto Belays with a manufacture date of July 2020 and later and older units that have been updated to a Class A certification by a factory authorized service center.  Perfect Descent Auto Belays with a manufacture date of June 2020 and earlier are certified as EN341:2011 Class C and require periodic examination every 24 months.

Whether 12 or 24 months, the timeframe for the periodic examination is considered to be the maximum amount of time that should lapse before a unit is recertified.  Units with a high volume of use, those used in competition climbing, and units used in harsh environments may require more frequent examinations.  Regardless of the recertification term, a unit should be returned to a service center any time a Competent Person inspection suggests the need to remove the unit from use.

Competent Person - A person who is capable of inspecting Perfect Descent Auto Belays in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, identifying existing and predictable hazards, and who is authorized by the owner/operator to take prompt corrective measures.  By way of training and/or experience, a competent person is knowledgeable of operational parameters and has the authority to immediately remove from service any device that is believed to be malfunctioning or performing outside established limits.

What Certification Does My Auto Belay Have?

To determine if your auto belay is certified as Class A or Class C, simply review the manufacture date listed on the side label of the unit.

EN:341:2011 Class A - manufacture date of July 2020 or later.  Class A auto belays require periodic recertification at least once every 12 months.

EN341:2011 Class C - manufacture date of June 2020 or earlier. Class C auto belays require periodic recertification at least once every 24 months.

Can I Update My Class C Device to Class A?

Most Perfect Descent Model 220 Auto Belays manufactured under the Class C certification can be updated to Class A.  This update can be performed by an Authorized Service Center at the time of your next certification or at any time in between for a nominal fee.

Perfect Descent Model 220 CR units can only be certified as Class C devices. If you operate in a territory that mandates adherence to the most current CE standard, contact your nearest Authorized Service Center to discuss your options.

How Do I Submit My Device for Service or Recertification?

Before sending in your Perfect Descent Auto Belay for service or recertification, contact the Authorized Service Center nearest you and provide them with the following information for each unit you intend to return:

  • Serial Number
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of last Recertification (when applicable)
  • If returning for service, please provide a detailed description of the issue
  • If returning for recertification, indicate this to the service center

Pack each unit in the original box using the original foam inserts to minimize the potential for damage during shipping. Be sure to include the Operations Manual containing the Factory Service Log found in section 14.6. Replacement box and foam inserts can be purchased from your service center.

The average timeframe for a unit to be serviced or recertified can vary between service centers and the volume of units being serviced at the time.  In consideration of ongoing supply chain delays, most units can be prepared for return shipping 10-12 business days after the units have been received.  Contact your nearest service center to review options for expediting these services.