We believe that climbing is a powerful tool for creating healthy, purposeful, and inclusive communities accessible to all people. When you choose Perfect Descent, you're choosing to support climbing communities around the world. Sponsorship is an integral part of our mission, and we seek out opportunities and partnerships that make a positive impact on the sport of climbing.



The IFSC is the international governing body for competitive climbing and host to World and Youth World Cup and Championship competitions. Perfect Descent Auto Belays first debuted in the 2016 World Cup season (replacing people-managed belays) and have been a critical tool in promoting a safe and fair field of play.

2016 to Present - Official Supplier to IFSC World Cup Competition

2017 to Present - Official Sponsor to World Cup Competition

2020 - Auto Belay Sole Supplier to the 2020 Olympic Games (Postponed to summer 2021)


Our goal is to reduce entry barriers to competitive Speed climbing. We provide direct cash assistance and in-kind donations to various international and domestic competitions, and the Perfect Descent Climbing Club and Federation Program provides low-cost auto belays to qualifying teams, clubs, and federations with athletes competing in sanction events. Sponsored competitions include:



IFSC World Championships

Hachioji Speed Podium - mens


IFSC World Cup

Leonardo's WR Victory shot


IFSC World Cup


The CWA is a trade association dedicated to protecting, connecting, and educating the indoor climbing industry. Since 2014, Perfect Descent has sponsored the annual Climbing Wall Summit, a gathering of climbing gym professionals to learn, share, and advocate on behalf of indoor climbing. With the cancellation of the 2020 Climbing Summit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Perfect Descent invested our sponsor dollars in supporting the CWA Membership Assistance Program, which set out to connect climbing gyms globally by giving every climbing gym in the world a free, 1-year CWA membership.


More than just competition, Perfect Descent sponsors cultural and community events intended to educate and inspire, including training sessions lead by professional climbers, conference socials, climbing films, and film festivals.

After years of collaboration, C3 Manufacturing and Aerial Adventure Technologies are going their separate ways, starting January 22, 2024. Don't worry, though – if you've already placed an order with AAT before this date, AAT will manage your order through fulfillment and be in touch with you every step of the way. For orders placed after this date and any future questions about buying, warranties, or repairs for Perfect Descent products, along with questions about events or sponsorships, please get in touch with C3 Manufacturing by emailing

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