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Redundant retraction engineered for reliability

Perfect Descent manufacturer's label for Direct Drive Auto Belay

Certified to the Max

Achieving the highest standard of testing and certification

Perfect Descent Speed Drive Auto Belay

Meet your new climbing partner

High Quality.
High Performance.
Highly Certified.

Perfect Descent Auto Belays are hand-built in the USA and certified to the highest standard in the world. Featuring an aluminum and stainless-steel outer case to protect precision high-wear internal components. Lightweight and compact construction, reliability, and low cost of ownership are just a few of the reasons why PD® is the preferred auto belay at climbing gyms, camps, schools and universities, on ninja obstacles courses, and at family entertainment centers. Tested and certified to 10x EN 341:2011 Class A., representing the most comprehensive certification requirements for recreational auto belay devices.

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Compact Size.

Amazing Features.


Tested to 10x EN 341:2011 Class A and featuring durable aluminum and stainless steel on the outside with precision high-wear components on the inside.


Redundant retraction featuring PD®’s exclusive Duplex Spring Design™ engineered for reliability and longevity.


Easy to mount, move, and manage at-height and less expensive to ship for service and recertification.


Entry level price, low annual recertification fees, no hidden service charges, and long-lasting components mean lifetime money savings for owners.


Used by teams and top athletes around the globe and the first auto belay used in World Cup competition, leading to significant advancements in competition safety and fairness.


Corrosion-resistant components and sealed housing for outstanding performance indoors and outdoors.

Building the best auto belay

Pick your performance

perfect descent auto belay device for climbing

Direct Drive™

  • The price leader in high-quality and high-performance auto belays.
  • Retracts at an average rate of 2ft (61cm) per second, making it a suitable choice for general climbing, warmup routes, kids climbing stations, and event climbing.
  • Featuring our exclusive Duplex Spring Design™ engineered for reliability and longevity.
  • Fully sealed for indoor and outdoor use.
Perfect Descent Speed Drive Auto Belay

Speed Drive™

  • The original fast-retracting auto belay sets the standard for quality and performance.
  • Retracting at a lightning fast 15ft (4.6m) per second, Speed Drive™ is ideal for speed climbing and competition, dynamic routes, interval training, and fitness routes and circuits.
  • The Official Auto Belay of IFSC World Cup Climbing and featuring our exclusive Duplex Spring Design™.
  • Fully sealed for indoor and outdoor use.

Choose your Lanyard

PD® Auto Belays offer three lanyard lengths designed to optimize your auto belay performance based on mounting elevation. Always select the lanyard that most closely matches the intended mounting height by being equivalent to or greater in length.

Perfect Descent Lanyard 28ft
Perfect Descent Lanyard 40ft
Perfect Descent Lanyard 53ft

28ft (8.5m)

Mounting heights between 18ft and 28.5ft (5.5m and 8.7m)

40ft (12.2m)

Mounting heights between 26ft and 40.5ft (8m and 12.3m)

53ft (16.1m)

Mounting heights between 34ft and 53.5ft (10.4m and 16.3m)

Select How you Connect

Perfect Descent Steel Carabiner


Indoor Durability

Steel alloy, 3-stage auto-locking carabiner with integrated swivel

Perfect Descent Aluminum Carabiner


Corrosion Resistant

Anodized aluminum, 3-stage auto-locking carabiner with integrated swivel

Perfect Descent Dual Carabiner


Competition and Security

Two, 3-stage auto-locking carabiners with sewn dog bone and integrated swivel

Perfect Descent Sewn Loop


Integrate Connectors

Full strength sewn loop suitable for use with authorized connection types

Five Star Quality

Loved by pro athletes, owners, and gym climbers


Great product even better support team

Great product even better support team “The Perfect Descent auto belays always meet my needs and the Arial Adventure staff have been helpful and well informed whenever I needed customer support.” Noah B. on 19 Aug 2020

Noah B. on Aug 19th, 2020

Mike L.

Perfect Descent will make your descent perfect

Highest Quality Autobelay Available. Highly Recommend.

Mike L. on May 9th, 2019

Kellen D.

Auto belay 2.0

This is the auto belay of the future. We love the product.

Kellen D. on June 19th, 2019

Chad W.

Great use for any climbing gym!

Wonderfull device and smooth usage.

Maurice D. on May 6th, 2020

Chad W.

Works Great

This auto belay is for a 22 foot wall and works great. No more needing someone to belay me! It feels very safe and trustworthy and was easy to set up for my purposes. I bought a 2nd one for another part of my wall!

Steve W. on Jan. 28th, 2020

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After years of collaboration, C3 Manufacturing and Aerial Adventure Technologies are going their separate ways, starting January 22, 2024. Don't worry, though – if you've already placed an order with AAT before this date, AAT will manage your order through fulfillment and be in touch with you every step of the way. For orders placed after this date and any future questions about buying, warranties, or repairs for Perfect Descent products, along with questions about events or sponsorships, please get in touch with C3 Manufacturing by emailing

Master Your Auto Belay Management Program

Register your device

Product Registration is an important part of auto belay management and establishes an early and accurate record used throughout the service life of the device. Be the first to receive critical beta about product updates, news and events, technical bulletins, and exclusive offers.

User manuals

Access our full range of English and foreign language product and operations manuals. Download the most current documentation for model 220 and 230 auto belays, duplex spring™ inspection and lanyard replacement manuals, cleaning and disinfecting guidelines, and more.


Get the most from your PD® management program with concise and in-depth information about installation, care, and operations. Explore common troubleshooting strategies, read up on manufacturer inspection requirements, and discover guidelines for managing competition auto belays.


EN Standards set the bar for product safety, reliability, and quality. Perfect Descent Auto Belays have been tested and certified to the highest standard for recreational auto belays at 10x EN 341:2011 Class A. View and download the most current Declaration of Conformity and Examination Certificate.

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