Lanyard Subscription Program


Perfect Descent has teamed up with its Distributor Aerial Adventure Technologies to offer U.S.-based customers a subscription program for replacement lanyards. Always have a new lanyard on-hand, change your plan anytime, and save 10% on every purchase when you subscribe. When you buy your replacement lanyard at, you can now choose to create a…

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Perfect Descent Auto Belay Certification

perfect descent dual spring design

Perfect Descent Auto Belays are certified to ten times EN 341:2011 Class A. EN standards establish comprehensive testing requirements for commercial auto belays used in climbing gyms and similar vertical climbing activities. Keep. reading to learn more about auto belay certification.

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First in Speed, First in Safety: Solving the Single Spring Problem

People typically see the brake that controls the lowering speed as the critical mechanism in auto belays, and while they are essential, have you ever considered what happens if an auto belay stops retracting?  The most common self-contained auto belays on the market use a power spring to retract the climber’s lifeline as they ascend.…

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