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Lanyard Subscription Program


Perfect Descent has teamed up with its Distributor Aerial Adventure Technologies to offer U.S.-based customers a subscription program for replacement lanyards. Always have a new lanyard on-hand, change your plan anytime, and save 10% on every purchase when you subscribe.

When you buy your replacement lanyard at www.aerialadventuretech.com, you can now choose to create a subscription at delivery intervals from 30-days to 12 months. Avoid downtime, quickly replace worn and damaged lanyards, and save on every shipment.

Perfect Descent Lanyards are made from durable 1-inch, custom woven webbing for long-lasting performance and are easily replaceable using common tools. They are offered in three lengths with four connector options, and the high-contrast colors make them easy for climbers to identify auto belay routes. The replacement frequency will vary depending on installation methods, use, and exposure. The absolute MAXIMUM LIFE of Perfect Descent lanyards is anytime it fails inspection, 18-months from installation, or five years from the manufacture date, whichever is sooner.

To set up lanyard subscriptions for your gym, visit the replacement lanyard products pages on the Aerial Adventure Tech website.