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Interval Training with PD®

With PD® Athlete, Kai Lightner

Professional athlete and Perfect Descent climber Kai Lightner gives us a sneak peek into his daily training routine.  Kai breaks down his interval strategy for building strength and endurance to prepare for hard lead climbing projects. 

Young male climber interval climbing with Perfect Descent auto belay in a climbing gym

Kai entered his first competition at six years old and never stopped climbing. A twelve-time National Champion and 5-time youth world championship medalist, Kai’s competitive pursuits underly his passion for outdoor climbing. In recent years, Kai has set his sights on knocking out some of the hardest climbs in the world completing the Era Vella (14d) in Margalef, Spain and more recently finishing a trio of 14+ routes in the American Southwest.

In 2020, Kai founded Climbing for Change, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase minority participation in rock climbing and the broader outdoor adventure industry. Visit www.climbing4change.org to learn more and explore grant opportunities and a growing database of organizations and initiatives that support the Climbing for Change mission.