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Perfect Descent: Auto Belay Supplier to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

History is in the making as the inaugural class of climbing athletes get ready to take the stage at the Tokyo Olympic Games. With its preferred status as the Official Auto Belay Supplier to IFSC World Cup Competition, Perfect Descent has been named as Sole Auto Belay Supplier for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Look for the familiar black and gold lanyard of PD® auto belays on the Olympic Speed wall as the world’s top climbers duke it out to bring home the gold. 

Since 2016, Perfect Descent Auto Belays have been used at nearly every level of competition including Continental and World Cup events, World Championships, and the Youth Olympic Games. The introduction of Perfect Descent Auto Belays in the Speed climbing discipline has significantly reduced the potential for belay related errors that expose climbers to increased risk and has helped to ensure a fair and consistent field-of-play. 

“We are excited to partner with Perfect Descent to enhance the visibility of Speed climbing athletes and technology from the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and leading up to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. We are all climbers, rising higher, faster and stronger together.”

IFSC President, Marco Scolaris

Perfect Descent Auto Belays keep pace with the fastest climbers, retracting the lanyard at a blistering rate of 4.6m/s (15 ft/s). The exclusive Duplex Spring™ technology consists of two independent power-springs engineered for fast and reliable retraction. The Duplex Spring™ adds redundancy allowing the lanyard to continue retracting in the event of a spring fracture. 

The world leader in speed climbing auto belays, Perfect Descent Climbing Systems are certified to the highest auto belay safety standards at 10X EN 341:2011 Class A. Competition units, like those used in Tokyo feature a centrifugal clutch and brake mechanism for high efficiency and performance, outfitted with our 16.1m (53 ft) competition lanyard with twin carabiners and precision swivel.

Join us August 3rd to 6th in cheering on the inaugural Olympic climbers as they battle it out on the wall at the Aomi Urban Sports Park to become the first Olympic climbing medalist in the world’s first-ever Sport Climbing Olympic competition. To learn more about Speed climbing and Perfect Descent Auto Belays, you can visit us on Instagram, Facebook and at www.perfectdescent.com.