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IFSC Speed and Lead Climbing World Cup – Wujiang, China 2018

At the IFSC Climbing World Cup Championship in Wujiang, China, Anouck Jaubert of France took home the season title for women’s speed climbing while the fastest time of the event was Juliia Kaplina’s 7.650 seconds race. Jaubert outperformed fellow teammate Aurela Sarisson of France in the opening race, bested Sari Agustina of Indonesia with a time under 8 seconds in the quarterfinal, and overtook Mariia Krasavina of Russia by less than a second. For the men’s speed events, both Reza Aliporshenazandifar from Iran and Ludovico Fossali of Italy barely made it out of the opening round with hundredth of seconds results, Aleskandr Shilov of Russia ended Danyil Boldyrev of Ukraine winning streak In the quarterfinal, and Aspar Jaelolo of Indonesia took the gold medal after defeating Aliporshenazandifar in the semi-finals and Fossali in the final race. Jaelolo had the fastest time of 5.710 seconds and Aliporshenazandifar scored under 6 seconds in four races to take home bronze.

You can find out more about the Speed and Lead competitions by visiting the IFSC YouTube channel for entire event replay and highlight videos.