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USA Climbing Changes Rules to Include Auto Belays in Speed Climbing Competition

Released June 1st, 2018

USA Climbing has amended a rule in their Speed Climbing Rules Handbook (Rule 7.2.1) to “eliminate the requirement that speed climbing routes are to be belayed from the ground”. Historically, the USAC has only approved team belays for Speed Climbing competitions. This change will now allow all USAC Speed Climbing Host Gyms to choose their preferred method of belaying speed climbers for competition.

Since 2016, Perfect Descent Climbing Systems has been the official speed climbing auto belay for all IFSC Speed Climbing competitions. The Perfect Descent team is excited to support all the USAC Competition Hosts, this year and those to come, to ensure all US athletes receive the same competition experience in the States that they will see in IFSC World Cups and World Championships.

You can read the entire statement from USAC here: USAC Speed Climbing Belay Statement